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Ep64-Summertime 0

Ep64 – Summertime

This is our last episode before we take a summer break. We’ll be back in September with a tan and a good attitude…and hopefully some fun stories to share with all of you. In...

Ep63-Trainwrecks-Public-Shaming 0

Ep63 – Trainwrecks & Public Shaming

In this week’s episode, we talk about Trainwrecks on screen and in real life. Everyone knows one, right? Also, Sarah Palin bombs, Donald Trump crosses another line, Ashley Madison gets hacked, and you never...

Ep61-Gay-Marriage-and-Porn 0

Ep61 – Gay Marriage and Porn

Tracy’s back for Episode 61 to help reel Stamie back in. Most importantly, we celebrate the SCOTUS ruling making gay marriage legal in all 50 states!! Yippee! Also, we talk about the states who...

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Ep37-Kat-Brooks 0

Ep37 – Kat Brooks

In today’s episode, Tracy is unfortunately absent due to work. Filling her shoes today is engineer extraordinaire and voice over talent, RenaMarie Villano. They take a call with American writer and director, Kat Brooks....

Ep20-Kate-Micucci 0

Ep20 – Kate Micucci

Tracy and Stamie welcome singer/songwriter, artist, comedian, and all-around amazing person, KATE MICUCCI, to the podcast. Her show, GARFUNKEL AND OATES, premieres on IFC this Thursday 8/7 at 10pm. Turns out that she doesn’t...

Ep26-The-Twins 0

Ep26 – The Twins

Listen to what goes on behind the scenes with Stamie and the twins. Here it from the mouth of babes. Tracy calls in from work and tries to help keep it under control.

Ep16-Lacey-Stone 0

Ep16 – Lacey Stone

This week, on The Stamie and Tracy show, LACEY STONE (celebrity trainer extraordinaire) joins us to dish on fitness, relationships, being a Mom, and what it takes to “change”. She’s inspirational, motivational, and a...