Ep50 – One-Way to MARS


Happy 50th episode!!! This week we talk to SUE ANN PIEN, a top 100 finalist in the Mars One mission, where thousands are vying for a one-way trip to MARS! Her talented singer/songwriter girlfriend, Cynthia Catania, also joins to share her music, as well as thoughts on Sue Ann’s long-time dream and how it may affect their relationship moving forward.

We get some hard-hitting questions answered, such as: Can you have sex on Mars?? Also, what made her want to apply for the mission, how many applicants she’s up against, what (and who!) she would take with her, and what she will miss the most about Planet Earth. Did you know space became privatized?

Cynthia is the yin to Sue Ann’s yang and always keeps us laughing. She coins the term “pussy neck” (you’ll have to listen to understand) and tells us what inspires her music. (hint, hint: someone going to Mars, maybe?)

Opening Music: “Forever For Goodbye” by Cynthia Catania

For more on Mars One: http://www.mars-one.com
To reach SUE ANN PIEN: SueAnnPien.com

Twitter: @sueannpien
Instagram: @sueannpien
Facebook: facebook.com/sueannpien
#MarsOne #Mars100 #sueannpienexplorer

To reach CYNTHIA CATANIA: www.cynthiacatania.com

Twitter: @CynthiaCatania
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/dolceveta

Website: http://www.sueannpien.com

Link 1: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/forever-for-goodbye-single/id970521192
Link 2: http://www.mars-one.com

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