Ep56 – The Struggle Is Real


This week on our podcast the three ladies Tracy Ryerson, Stamie Karakasidis and Rena-Marie Villano discuss the difficulties of dealing with city Racoons and how to win the war. Traveling on a red eye with three kids solo, being gay in the middle east and Russia and how the Democracy Council is trying to help.
Tracy called into the studio so we got to see a glimpse into her multi-tasking world. Seeing behind the curtain of Tracy’s life and why she shouldn’t share it with our listeners. Stamie insisted that she keep it sexy and not let our listeners see behind the curtain and her obsession with doing laundry.
On the ladies’ wish list is Susan Sarandon’s “Embrace Change” campaign and how we would all die to have her on our show. But until we die, we are very excited to have Clea Duvall visit our studio and discuss what she is up to with her first directorial debut. Also, we send a congratulations to Ali Adler and her first book called “How to F**k a Woman”. Her hysterical point of view shared in a book that is meant to help men and some women understand what it takes to be in a relationship and treat their lady right. Her book is available on Amazon.com, click on link below:

Featured Link #1: http://amzn.to/1J9Dzz6

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