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Ep34-HappyThanksgiving 0

Ep34 – Happy Thanksgiving with Mike Casentini

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our listeners! This week, Mike Casentini (owner of the Network Studios) joins us to talk about Turkey day prep, whether swearing makes you look dumb, his stand-up magic and...

Ep33-Chris-Bruno 0

Ep33 – Chris Bruno

Chris Bruno (The Fosters, Dead Zone) comes to the studio to talk about his experiences in TV, his past romances, and how facing his biggest fear changed the trajectory of his career. Also, he...

Ep32-Christiana-Hooks 0

Ep32 – Christiana Hooks

Christiana Hooks has two jobs and juggles them well! 1st as a TV producer on “The Following” and 2nd as a fashion blogger on the appropriately named In this episode, we discuss what’s...

Ep31-Therapy-Session-332 0

Ep31 – Stamie and Tracy Therapy Session #332

This week, on The Stamie and Tracy Show, we discuss some of the following hot topics: post-Halloween candy (get it out of the house!), whether Stamie needs a new Range Rover or not, all...

Ep30-Cameron-Richardson 0

Ep30 – Cameron Richardson

Can you believe this is our 30th episode already? To celebrate we brought in actress , model, and single mom, CAMERON RICHARDSON! Some of her past work includes Alvin and the Chipmunks, Shameless, Entourage,...

Ep29-Natalie-Lander 0

Ep29 – Natalie Lander (“The Middle”)

NATALIE LANDER (“The Middle”) is this week’s guest on The Stamie and Tracy Show! She’s an incredibly talented actress, voice over artist, and singer, who was born and raised in LA. Oh, and she’s...

Ep28-Heartland-The-Movie 0

Ep28 – HEARTLAND, the movie

This week, on the Stamie and Tracy show, we sit down with filmmakers, Velinda Godfrey and Maura Anderson. Their feature film, HEARTLAND, is about a young artist who lands back in her mother’s stifling...

Ep27-Big-Sky-Country 0

Ep27 – Live from Big Sky Country

This week, Stamie and Tracy are Skyping in to do their podcast from Big Sky, Montana, where they’re on a week-long vacation. We chat about their attempts to partake in catch-and-release fly fishing on...

Ep26-The-Twins 0

Ep26 – The Twins

Listen to what goes on behind the scenes with Stamie and the twins. Here it from the mouth of babes. Tracy calls in from work and tries to help keep it under control.

Ep25-Clementine-Ford 0

Ep25 – Clementine Ford (“The L Word”)

Clementine Ford (“The L Word”) visits us in the studio on a hot Sunday LA morning to share her stories of new motherhood, finding time to write and the joys of marriage. We also...