Ep28-Heartland-The-Movie 0

Ep28 – HEARTLAND, the movie

This week, on the Stamie and Tracy show, we sit down with filmmakers, Velinda Godfrey and Maura Anderson. Their feature film, HEARTLAND, is about a young artist who lands back in her mother’s stifling...

Ep27-Big-Sky-Country 0

Ep27 – Live from Big Sky Country

This week, Stamie and Tracy are Skyping in to do their podcast from Big Sky, Montana, where they’re on a week-long vacation. We chat about their attempts to partake in catch-and-release fly fishing on...

Ep26-The-Twins 0

Ep26 – The Twins

Listen to what goes on behind the scenes with Stamie and the twins. Here it from the mouth of babes. Tracy calls in from work and tries to help keep it under control.

Ep25-Clementine-Ford 0

Ep25 – Clementine Ford (“The L Word”)

Clementine Ford (“The L Word”) visits us in the studio on a hot Sunday LA morning to share her stories of new motherhood, finding time to write and the joys of marriage. We also...

Ep24-Dana-Goldberg 0

Ep24 – Dana Goldberg

Dana Goldberg joins us in the studio to discuss life on the road as a stand-up comic, how to keep a relationship going, and how Tracy may just be funnier than Stamie. Tune in,...

Ep22-DrMelissaRichman 0

Ep22 – Dr. Melissa Richman

Dr. Melissa Richman (Psy.D, LCSW) stops by to share her thoughts on the importance of “boundaries”, whether porn is good or bad for a relationship, and how to deal with split personalities like Stamie...

Ep21-Kate-French 0

Ep21 – Kate French

Stamie and Tracy sit down with actress and aspiring jewelry designer, KATE FRENCH (‘The L Word’, ‘GirlTrash’) . We discuss stories of new mom-hood, why she is not into strippers (but her mom is!),...

Ep20-Kate-Micucci 0

Ep20 – Kate Micucci

Tracy and Stamie welcome singer/songwriter, artist, comedian, and all-around amazing person, KATE MICUCCI, to the podcast. Her show, GARFUNKEL AND OATES, premieres on IFC this Thursday 8/7 at 10pm. Turns out that she doesn’t...

Ep19-LinaEsco-AlysonRichards 0

Ep19 – Lina Esco & Alyson Richards

This week, on The Stamie and Tracy Show, we have the multi-talented LINA ESCO here to discuss her feature film “Free the Nipple” and what inspired her movement for Equality. ALYSON RICHARDS joins in...

Ep18-Getting-Real 0

Ep18 – ‘Getting Real’ w/ Stamie and Tracy

Stamie, Tracy, and Rena catch up with what’s up in the world today. Stamie asks the question, how many times should you have to ask your partner to do something before they do it?...

Ep17-Joe-Wilson 0

Ep17 – Joe Wilson

In Ep17, Stamie and Tracy sit down with filmmaker and comedian, Joe Wilson. He’s the creator of an independent tv series called “Vampire Mob” which is a comedy about a hitman who becomes a...